Puppy Dog All Beef Child-sized Hot Dog
Stray Dog ¼ lb. Jumbo Hot Dog
Hound Dog ¼ lb. 6” All Beef New York Nathan’s Hot Dog
UnderDog ¼ lb. 8” All Beef Chicago Vienna Hot Dog
Veggie Dog ¼ lb. 6” Vegan Sausage, made with Portabella Mushroom, Sundried Tomatoes
and Basil on a Whole Wheat Roll
Turkey Dog ¼ lb. Jumbo Skinless Hot Dog with White Turkey Breast Meat
Deer Dog Local Smoked Venison Sausage
Southsider Elgin Smoked Jalapeño with Cheddar Sausage –
Famous Local Southside Market Sausage
Mad Dog 12” Handmade Smoked Jalapeño Sausage
Yard Dog Milwaukee Smoked ¼ lb. Bratwurst

DRINKS: Ice cold soda of all kinds
Bottled water
Ice teas of all kinds
Fruit and Veggie drinks of all kinds
Power drinks
CHIPS: Potato chips – Veggie chips – Corn chips – Wheat chips – Doritos

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