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Part of the downtown Austin scene since 2004, the Hot Dog King began pleasing customers in Chicago and nationwide in 1993.

Born on the floor of a butcher shop on Lake Street in Chicago, Illinois, the Hot Dog King was raised as a butcher’s son in a butcher shop at Lake and Halsted Streets in the culinary heart of that great city- the city’s south side, ten and a half blocks from the famous Chicago stockyards. The King learned his special skills in meat carving and sausage making from his father when he was two. The King started selling sausages and meats at his family’s butcher shop meat counter. At the age of 3, the King started selling sausage sandwiches to kids in kindergarten and then entered the school for Advanced Sausagesmiths and Hot Dogology at the age of 4. He graduated from his advanced classes with honors at the age of 5.

The King started working at the Maxwell Street Open Air Market when he was 6 years old. He got his own vendor’s permit and permanent spot at the Maxwell Street Market when he was 7 years old and he became the top hot dog salesman in his age class at the market and held that honor for five years. At 11, the King worked for Oscar Meyer as a Shop Foreman in the plant. At 12, he bought his first Deli Store on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago and then sold it at age 13 and made millions. At 14, the King started his own catering company and called it, “If Pigs Could Fly.” This venture piqued his interest in gourmet foods, so at 15, the King went to Germany to study sausage-making, but got deported because the old sausage makers wanted to protect their traditional secrets from the King. So, at 16, the King started out on his first world tour, looking for the perfect hot dog, only to discover it was right back in the U. S. on Lake Street in Chicago, his hometown. The King decided to return to Chicago, and at 17, he built his first hot dog cart in his garage on Erie Street. By age 18, the King was building carts for all of Chicago. At 19, the King was selling hot dogs in front of City Hall in downtown Chicago where he was arrested for street vending without a permit. When the Mayor found out, he instantly gave the King a full pardon. At 20, the King joined the army and worked tirelessly in army kitchens all over the planet, submarines included.

At 34, after serving his country in the army, the King retired as Brigadier General of Kitchen Duties and after some reflection on his yacht in Key West, Florida, the King decided to get back in the game. The King then returned to Chicago where he was physically thrown out of no less than four of the top culinary schools in Chicago (reason given by the King is that he couldn’t understand any French). At 35, the King built his award winning hot dog truck in just six days and rested on the seventh like all good kings. At 36, the King embarked on a world tour that took the King to places like Madrid, Spain for the Running with the Bulls Fest, Mongolia, for the Yak Fest, Madagascar for the Blues Fest, Lagos, Nigeria, for the Black Folks Fest, Papua New Guinea, for the Hemp Fest, Casablanca, Morocco, for the Catfish Fest, Venezuela for the Miss Venezuela Nude Fest, Roswell, New Mexico, for the Alien Fest, Cairo, Egypt, for the Watermelon Fest, Key West, Florida, for the Lesbian Fest, Tampa Bay, Florida for the Blues Fest, the St. Petersburg Boat Show, the Clearwater Air Show, and the SXSW Music Fest in Austin, Texas.

The King now lives in Austin, Texas where he reigns from his ranch and is very much involved in the hot dog business here in Texas and as far as South Dakota. So, feel free to call the King at (512) 626-1877 for your upcoming event.

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